TB-303 Clone on Steroids

The Behringer TD-3-MO is a limited edition of the popular TD-3 synthesizer, with a unique color scheme and additional features, making it a must-have for synthesizer enthusiasts.



The TD-3-MO gives the identical conventional sound and person interface because the unique TD-3, with a resonant low-byskip filter, accessory manage and the capacity to slip among notes. However, it additionally functions a few new functions that set it other than the unique, consisting of a distortion circuit and an extra LFO.

The TD-3-MO`s distortion circuitry lets in customers to feature grain and side to bass lines, best for developing competitive distortion sounds. Additional his LFOs provide greater flexibility and modulation possibilities, permitting manufacturers to create complicated and ever-converting soundscapes.


In addition to those new functions, the TD-3-MO functions a graceful and fashionable layout with a matte black end and ambitious orange accents. This confined version palette is an appealing addition for your studio or stay performance.

Like his unique TD-3, the TD-3-MO functions an onboard sequencer, audio sequencer and MIDI connectivity to without problems software complicated styles and rhythms and match into your present studio setup. You can.

Overall, the Behringer TD-3-MO is a effective and particular synthesizer that mixes the conventional sound of the TB-303 with new functions and an fashionable layout. Its inexpensive fee and flexible functions make it an first-rate desire for each novices and skilled manufacturers seeking out a completely unique and effective bass synth.

However, this product is a confined version and won’t be to be had immediately.

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